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‘Britain’s Best Local Businesses’

Support for local businesses has today come from unlikely quarters – The Sun, in partnership with Barclay’s Bank, has launched a new campaign, BRITAIN’S BEST LOCAL BUSINESSES. Calling local businesses, ‘the backbone of Britain,’ they’ve launched a competition to find Britain’s Best Local Business – with a £20,000 prize. Despite the recession , one small business starts up every minute of every working day, and the Federation of Small Businesses say that small businesses have increased from four million in 2003 to 4.7m today.

As we all know, small businesses are vital to every community; they employ six out of ten people in the private sector workforce, contribute more than 50% of the UK turnover and are more likley to employ local people.

In addition, every five pounds spent in the local community is actually worth £25.oo as that money circulates five times around local businesses, and the environmental benefits include reduced transport costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

By visiting The Sun’s website, not only can everyone nominate their favourite local business but there’s a brilliant opportunity to pledge your support by using the site’s Pledgeometer – an exciting interactive visual map of Britain that vividly shows the number of pledges made in support of every town.

Cadw Calon Aberystwyth believe that small local businesses can happily co-exist with and compliment major retailers, providing a rich variety of choices for the modern consumer, so support Cadw Calon and MAKE YOUR PLEDGE!


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County Council ‘unnerved’

At last night’s meeting of Cadw Calon Aberystwyth, it was suggested that members of Ceredigion County Council (CCC) are allegedly ‘unnerved’ by the strong public reaction to the new development plans. Sources close to the Council told campaign members that ‘worried looks’ had been observed in Penmorfa, home to the county council in Aberaeron.Cadw Calon Aberystwyth Poster

Once again the meeting was well-attended by local business people, campaigners and representatives from supportive local organisations. These included the Federation of Small Businesses – who are planning an impact study on the revised plans – and Caredig i Natur, who support green issues. The new poster campaign was launched (see right) and members took a break from the meeting to pose for press photos.

Lastly, it was agreed that Cadw Calon Aberystwyth would inform CCC that the group intended to legally challenge them over their proposal to use Compulsory Purchase Orders to facilitate the proposed new development plans.

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