If you would like a copy of the Aberystwyth Retail Action Plan and Retail Strategy Plan, please email

The documents are in pdf. format so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat or something similar to read them.

The plans below show the areas affected by development plans. The areas in red are those that featured in the original MasterPlan – the crosshatched area is the garage site that was mistakenly omitted from the plans. Those premises in orange are those potentially affected by the revised and extended plans.

Post Office Site Plans (amended)

Post Office Site Plans (amended)


One response to “plans

  1. Harry Treasure

    I think what ever the local residents of aberystwyth try to do they will not be able to keep back development in the town. Aberystwyth is a fast growing place with the University growing bigger every year. infrastructure needs to be improved, the one way system needs to be improved and maybe new roads put out of the town, internet connection needs to be improved. One of the main reasons why there is so much antisocial behaviour in the town is because there is nothing for the 11,000 students to do in the town apart from drink! it is the nature of young people to have fun and banning alcohol in the town won’t solve anything. New shops, more leisure activities and more job opportunities are what’s needed to avoid this anti-social behaviour.

    I agree that the historic buildings should not pulled down and some of the independant shops are nice, some of the new buildings and housing should be out of town. The economic benefits from developing the town will in the long run I think preserve the town and enhance it.

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