Response from Nerys Evans, AM

Nerys Evans, AMThis week, Cadw Calon Aberystwyth have recieved a reply from Nerys Evans, National Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your recent letter regarding the unexpected revision of the Aberystwyth Masterplan proposing the probable demolition of a large part of Chalybeate Street, Queen Street and Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth.

These large scale proposals certainly change the current original Masterplan proposal for the Post Office site and further public consultation is paramount.

We in Carmarthen are currently witnessing the development of the old mart site with the arrival of Debenhams as the anchor store. The old mart site was empty and is not at the heart of Carmarthen town. I am not persuaded that the architectural character of Aberystwyth should be sacrificed for the needs of Debenhams. I feel that this would
change the very reasons why Aberystwyth is such an important, iconic town.

I understand from Elin Jones AM that Councillors are suggesting that this project is being led by the Assembly Government and that the Council is almost powerless to resist. I also confirm that this is not the case.

The Assembly Government would not release major funding for projects unless they are advocated by the local county Council. I have witnessed the very same tactic by Councillors in Carmarthenshire recently who openly state that they are powerless to stop the closure of three secondary schools due to National Assembly guidelines.

As your Regional Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, I feel that it would be of greater benefit for you to discuss these matters with your local Assembly Member in Aberystwyth, who would be best placed to take up your concerns with the Local Authority.

I will happily discuss these important issues with Elin Jones if these matters arise at the National Assembly for Wales.”


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