Advertising feature a huge success!

A double-page advertising spread paid for and celebrating local independent businesses has been published in this week’s Cambrian News. Over forty businesses participated, and demand for space was so great that several were disappointed. In addition to advertisements supporting Cadw Calon Aberystwyth the feature takes readers on a ‘virtual walk’ down Great Darkgate Street, along Chalybeate Street and up Queen Street, painting a vivid mental image of the extent of the new development plans.

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2 responses to “Advertising feature a huge success!

  1. charlotte

    not impressed….alot of people would like a debenhams the youngsters have nothing to do around here and things need to change!!!!! Im Young adult and find that i get bored easily in town if we had a multy screen cinema or a big shop like debenhams maybe id have something to do….my friends also feel the same!!!!!!

    • cadwcalon

      I agree, I think Aberystwyth definitely needs more things for young people to do, although I’m sure that the novelty of trailing round Debenhams would wear off pretty quickly. Also, it’s worth pointing out that there were never any plans for a multi-screen cinema in the first place – neither the original Masterplan or the revised plans that were recently abandoned included a multi-screen cinema. Now that the plans which threatened to compulsorily purchase many homes and businesses in the Queen Street/ Chalybeate Street area have been deemed unworkable by the Welsh Assembly Government there is a chance that the original Masterplan (which did indeed include Debenhams) might once again be seen as a good example of how the site could be used. Thanks for your comment.

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